How long can I keep a driver out on the road for?

How long can I keep a driver out on the road for?

That is between you and the driver, but drivers typically stay out for 7-8 days at the longest.
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    • Are there OTR, LOCAL, and REGIONAL drivers available? Is so, how many?

      OTR, Local, and Regional drivers are all available on the Network. The pool with the most amount of drivers is the local pool, followed by Regional, followed by OTR. If you are posting a run that requires a layover, we recommend posting it an ...
    • Can I use the same driver over and over, or do I have to use a different driver every time?

      If you meet a driver that you’d like to keep working with in the future, you can always add them to your Preferred Network and directly send them your orders to their account. As a new carrier, you can expect to work with multiple drivers as you get ...
    • Can I get a temporary driver?

      Yes! You can use Relay to get a temporary driver for your truck. As soon as your membership is paid for and your account is created, you can begin placing dispatch orders from your computer or your phone.
    • Can I get a full-time permanent driver?

      Yes. We recommend try before you buy. After you and the driver complete a few runs on the Relay Network together, you can choose to Permanent Direct Hire that driver. On your Relay web portal you'll be able to see which drivers want to work with you ...
    • Are you guaranteed a driver?

      If you are a newer carrier, we typically recommend that you should place their orders 48-72 hours in advance to ensure that drivers have enough time to view and accept the run. Runs posted 48 hours in advance currently have a 95%+ acceptance rate.