Are there HAZMAT drivers available?

Are there HAZMAT drivers available?

Relay currently does not work with HAZMAT loads.
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    • Are there drivers with endorsements available?

      Yes, there are drivers will all sorts of endorsements available. When creating an order, you will want to make sure you mark any necessary endorsements under the 'Endorsements' section so your order can only be seen by drivers in your area with the ...
    • Are there team drivers available on the network?

      There are currently not team drivers available on the Relay Network.
    • Are there OTR, LOCAL, and REGIONAL drivers available? Is so, how many?

      OTR, Local, and Regional drivers are all available on the Network. The pool with the most amount of drivers is the local pool, followed by Regional, followed by OTR. If you are posting a run that requires a layover, we recommend posting it an ...
    • How many drivers are on the Relay Network?

      There are currently hundreds of drivers active on the Relay Network. After placing an order, you will be able to see how many drivers are located in the nearby area at that time.
    • Are Relay Drivers 1099 or W2?

      You as the carrier determine the worker classification as the driver is hired by you and not Relay. You can opt to use 1099 or W2 drivers on the Relay network based on your needs and work.